Do you have bar code scanner support? Can I print bar codes?

Yes to both. Our Inventory Software can print bar codes on invoices and labels using the setup features in our software found on the Bar Code Tab. Everything you need to do this is already contained in our software. If you also have a scanner, you can scan those bar codes into the line items of your invoices and PO's. Simply print out product labels with the bar codes and place them on your products. When you sell a product, scan it into a line item on your invoice.

Our program will work with any scanner and there are no settings in our programs for scanner "setup", as all scanners do are scan a code and send that code to the application with a carriage return. Scanners usually plug into a special cable which hooks into your computer keyboard or USB port. Once you have a scanner hooked up to your computer, you can actually scan bar codes into a simple text editor (or any other program which is waiting for you to type something). There is nothing special about using a scanner on your computer, so select a scanner which is right for you and you'll be ready to go!