Our Programs Run Fine on Windows/Linux/Ubuntu/Wine/Mac's

We received this email from a customer recently (We appreciate their feedback):

"I am glad I upgraded to Inventory Pro version 5. It works in all versions of Windows since Windows 95, and now in Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions). It also runs fine in Linux that I use on one of my laptops, (at this time Linux Mint 9 which is based on Ubuntu), and I am running it in Wine on my MAC with no problems. I love your products. They are rock-solid products that have really evolved over the years into real business solutions."

We are always happy to receive emails like this from our customers. If you run Windows, Linux/Ubuntu/Wine software, our programs will work for you. Our Windows programs will also run on Apple MAC's with the correct Windows emulation software installed. We have the solutions you've been looking for (on any platform)! We strive to make our programs as robust as possible. Try one of our programs out (free) today at http://www.mrtec.com