PDF Invoices, Purchase Orders and Customer Statements

Using FF Inventory Pro Deluxe, you can batch email your invoices, purchase orders and customer statements in PDF and/or plain-text formats. All of our other products can also produce PDF files, however, you can process them only one at a time, which works fine for many of our customers. The batch-email in our other products offers plain-text emails only.

The beauty of PDF (portable document format) files is that you can email them to your customers, and when they print or view them, it will look exactly like it would when printed on a printer. This means all of the graphics such as your company logo, fonts, lines and colors will be displayed. It is a much better look than plain-text emails could ever be and with the free Adobe PDF viewer, millions of people all over the world are able to view your PDF.

However, each format has it's positive and negative features. Using left-justified, plain text, word-wrapping format allows it to be read by ALL email readers. People around the world have their email readers setup in MANY different ways. Some block emails with file attachments (PDF's). Some block HTML invoices and only have their email reader setup for plain text emails only, or use an email reader that can't process HTML. Many use different fonts and font sizes to display their emails and/or use a small viewing window to read their emails. Therefore, using plain text means that the majority of people who receive your email will be able to (A) receive it and (B) to view it. Since we do not send our email as an attachment, all email readers blocking attachments will receive our plain-text emails. Since we do not use HTML, all email readers that are blocking HTML will be able to receive and view our invoices, using whatever font they choose. We added the PDF invoice feature so you can email your invoices to your customers using graphics and colors, but note that any of your customers who are blocking file attachments, will not receive your PDF invoices. Which format you use is up to you.