Why do you interface with Dymo Label Printers and not all other label printers?

Please Note: All of our programs can already print mailing labels using a standard printer with any label stock. Our inventory programs can also print product labels with bar codes.

A product must excite us in order for us to develop an interface to that technology. Dymo (dymo.com) excited us for several reasons. They have developed a printer that can print mailing labels and postage. As many of our customers run small businesses, their solution intrigued us. They offer a package which allows you to buy US Postal Service postage over the internet, weigh your package on the included scale, and print a stamp for the exact postage required and print a mailing label using their software and printer. Think about all of the benefits this offers your business. No more running to the Post Office every day or over-paying for postage with regular stamps!

Our interface to the Dymo Label Printer will allow you to print customer and vendor mailing labels. We do not interface to print bar codes. If you want to print bar code labels, use our built-in Label Wizard to batch print bar code labels. The Dymo does not batch-print bar codes.