Who is M & R Technologies? Why are we different?

M & R Technologies was founded in 1990 during the time Windows 3.0 was released. Our President believed that Windows would eventually replace DOS as an operating system. We had our first Windows Invoice Software on the Internet in 1992 (on CompuServe and later on America Online (AOL)) and our Inventory Software in 1996. We introduced the first email invoice in 1996 and secured our current domain name (mrtec.com) in 1997. We are now in over 95 countries with our programs. We are proven Windows Software pioneers. 18 years have made our software a world-class force. Many programmers have tried to copy our products only to fail in software design and in many other aspects. Here is a little history of our President.

Our President was elected to the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) Board of Directors in 1998 when ASP was losing members because BBS's and DOS programmers were losing their way due to the Internet and Windows. He helped to turn them around, with their reborn marketing booth, updated membership standards, bylaws and much more. He grew the membership, helped to create the PAD standard and inducted the first 6 ASP hall of fame members. The membership doubled! Mike was happy to see this goal happen, as well as all of the other things he was able to make happen for them. Mike is a team member of the original Internet boom.

It may have been his enthusiasm that guided Mike to do so much for other software developers on the Internet, but it was our superior software design and implementation that made us different and allowed us the time and resources to do it. Mike even had an interview with the original creator of the try-before-you-buy concept - 20 years later. You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

We remain your best choice today. 18+ years of work on our programs have made it so. Check out one of our software packages today, absolutely free. Why not get started today!