Using Automatic Discounts and Sub-Totals

(Click on picture for larger view.) You can easily add discounts and/or sub-totals on your invoices. You can issue discounts using any percentage and you can have multiple discounts and sub-totals on a single invoice. For example, you may have a group of products on an invoice that you want to issue a 10% discount for, and a group of products on the same invoice and issue a 20% discount to those items. Likewise, you may have multiple groups of products you want to sub-total. For example, you may want to sub-total all LABOR items and all PARTS items. You can easily do one or both on the same invoice! NOTE: The discounts and sub-totals only apply to invoices, not Purchase Orders. When ordering items, simply use the correct purchase price, even if the vendor has extended you a discount.

Lets say you want to issue a 10% discount on an entire invoice. Simply create a new invoice and add all the line-items (products) to that invoice. Then add the DISCOUNT10 product to that invoice as the last line item. The program will automatically create a 10% discount line item and reduce the invoice total by 10%. This happens because you placed the discount line-item under all the line-items you wanted to apply a 10% discount to. For example, if you have 4 line-items on an invoice, and then add another line-item as a 10% discount, all 4 lines will be totaled and a 10% discount applied to the invoice for them. Discounts and Sub-Totals work the same way in this regard. All line items listed above them will be used to calculate the discount or sub-total, until a previous sub-total or discount is reached. For example, if line items 1, 2, 3 and 4 are listed and line item 5 applies a 10% discount, lines 1 to 4 will be totaled and a 10% discount applied to them. If you then wanted to add more line items 6, 7 and 8, and applied a 20% discount on line 9, only line items 6, 7 and 8 would be used to calulate the 20% discount, as line 5 was used to apply a different discount (10%) to lines 1 through 4. Another example, if you add a discount or sub-total on line item 1 of your invoice, they will both show ZERO, because there are no line-items above them to calculate the discount or sub-total for.