Client/Server Multi-User Inventory Pro Deluxe

Our Inventory Pro Deluxe (IPD) software will run on any Windows Network. It can be a small home office or a large business network connected to a server computer. IPD comes in two programs, the database server and the workstation (IPD program). You only install the workstation, database server and database files on one computer in your network. We will call this the "server computer". All other computers should only install the workstation (IPD) and they will login to the "server computer" to access the database files. In other words, our database server and database files are only installed on ONE computer in your network and are shared by all other users.

IMPORTANT: AN ACTUAL WINDOWS SERVER COMPUTER IS *NOT* REQUIRED UNLESS YOU PLAN ON HAVING MORE THAN 5 SIMULTANEOUS USERS. Otherwise, any standard computer can act as the "server computer" and run our Database Server and host the database files. Many people think that they need a full blown Windows Server to run our program, and that is simply NOT true. Two "regular" computers networked together can EASILY run two workstations (IPD) with no problems. This is because our Database Server requires very little "computer power" to handle 1-5 network connections to our database files.

Client/Server simply means that a "client" (workstation [IPD]) sends a request to update the database on the "server computer". Once the "server computer" processes the request, it returns the updated record back to the client. What makes this process so special is that all clients share the same database, the database resides on only ONE computer in the network, and special transaction processing ensures superior data integrity. It is a very superior way to process multiple transactions simultaneously, very fast, very safely and very robustly!

Still unsure what a client/server application is? Click on this link for a detailed explanation. We designed our program using a simple, yet robust client/server architecture but we also designed it to run on the smallest networks. Use it as a stand-alone, 1-user program, or as a multi-user program supporting 5,10,15 or more simultaneous users! It is VERY easy to use. Why not download the program and try it on your network today? You will be amazed at how easy it is to use!