Subscription vs Purchase

Have you noticed that some software vendors charge you an "ADDITIONAL FEE" EACH YEAR when you "buy" their software product? They call this a "subscription". We ask, "A subscription to what? You already purchased the software." We NEVER do this to you! Purchase our software once and you own it for as long as you like, technical support included! You will probably even tell your friends about our software. We get free word-of-mouth advertising and you get a powerful product for your money, without spending more unnecessary money. It is win-win for both of us. This concept has worked very well for us for over 18 years.

Think about it... you must re-pay for something each year that you already own and is working well for you as is? You may do that for a cleaning service, but a software product? You decide. As our customer, you will always have the option to upgrade to our latest version at a small upgrade fee, but that will always be your choice.

Maybe you feel you should spend money each year to maintain confidence in your software. If the software is really good, you should not have to. Good software makes money for you. Subscriptions only force you to part with more of YOUR money on someone else's time frame, unnecessarily.

Break FREE of this! Try our software absolutley free. Visit our web site and try a product that works for you...for many years to come!