Quotes and Estimates

Using Inventory Pro Deluxe or Billing Manager Pro Deluxe, you can easily create Quotes or Estimates and later turn them into invoices.

When creating a new invoice, there is a check box in the bottom left corner which reads "make this a quote". If you check this box, the invoice actually becomes a quote. Although a quote is created/edited just like an invoice, a quote does not effect the customer and Accounts Receivable balances. You can run your Quotes Report to view and manage your open quotes.

If your customer later accepts your quote, simply edit the quote and uncheck the "make this a quote" check box and the quote will be turned into an invoice, deducting all items from your stock balance, unless they are marked as "non-stock" items. You can make any changes to the final invoice as needed.

It is very simple to offer quotes/estimates. Why not download our software and give it a try. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!