Network Inventory Pro DELUXE - How Many Licenses Do I Need?

The number of licenses you purchase for FF Inventory Pro DELUXE depends on how many people you want using the program at the same time (simultaneous users). If you want 2 people logged into the system at the SAME time, you only need to purchase 2 licenses. You can install the program on all of your computers and setup as many user login ID's as you want, the licenses only apply to the number of simultaneous users. If you do not need multiple users, we also have a single-user version on our web site which does not use login ID's, or you could simply purchase a 1-user license for the DELUXE (network) version.

For example, you may have 5 computers networked together. You may install FF Inventory Pro DELUXE on all 5 computers. You can also setup 5 (or even more) user login ID's. If you purchase a 2-user license, your users can login from any of the 5 computers, however, only 2 users can be active at the same time (logged into the system). If one user logs out, then another user can login on any computer using their login ID. If you purchase a 5-user license, all five computers can have someone logged into the system at the SAME time. As you can see, our licensing is very flexible so that you can setup your business and computers the way that works best for you.

When you setup a user ID in the system, you can assign different system security options for each ID. For example, you could have one employee who has system-wide access and one employee who can only do invoices and run reports. There are 10 different levels of security settings in our program. You can also assign passwords to each user ID and require your employees to enter their password before they can gain access into the program or you can turn passwords off completely.

Our flexible licenses and 10-level password protections allow you great options to setup, protect and operate your business. Why not give FF Inventory Pro DELUXE a try? We have a free trial download on our web site.