How Do I Create Repeat Billings?

By using our Billing Manager Pro Deluxe or Inventory Pro Deluxe you can setup the software to create invoices for you automatically. Each program has a repeat billing module built into the program. This makes it very easy for you to create invoices which you can generate daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or in any other time frame you need. We have a lot of customers who use this feature to bill their customers for apartments, storage, internet services, rentals, pagers, lawn and pool maintenance and many other reoccurring products and services.

First you create a new invoice. You enter the customer, products and pricing. Then you turn it into a repeat billing by choosing "Repeat Billing Setup" from the Invoice Menu in the Invoice Manager and tell the program how often to generate the repeat billing and what the starting day will be. This will turn that invoice into a "Repeat Billing Master Invoice". These "template invoices" do not do anything to your customers account balances. They are simply used to create the repeat billings from. Only the generated invoices will effect your customer account balances. There is much more detail in our software's online help about setting up a repeat billing and using the Repeat Billing Wizard, but for this writing, we simply want to say that you will need to setup a master invoice for each customer that you will be creating a repeat billing for. This method allows you to repeat bill some or all of your customers, sell different products and services and have different pricing for each customer. You can even create multiple repeat billings for the same customer. Once you have all of your repeat billing masters setup, there is also a report called "Repeat Billing List" in the Reports Manager which you can use to manage all of your repeat billings. The report tells you who is being invoiced, how often the invoices are created, when the next creation date will be and more.

Then, once a month, daily, weekly, or whatever you need, you run the "Repeat Billing Wizard" to create the invoices! Each invoice generated is fully editable and deletable, just like any regular invoice. Once the invoices are generated, you can either batch print them or batch email them, and you are DONE with your billing cycle. That was easy! Our Inventory Pro Deluxe software also allows you to batch email PDF invoices and PDF Customer Statements! Why not visit our web site today and try it out for free!